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Halifax is the new service portal for the machine industry. This best-of-breed solution supports managing the entire aftersales processes of warranty and technical support for all stakeholders within the supply chain.

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Why Halifax?

Warranty claims within the supply chain are often part of a time-consuming and undefined process. Claims can be lost or forgotten. In addition, frustration and miscommunication between manufacturer and dealer may occur due to a lack of transparency and overview.
Halifax offers an easy, straightforward, and proven process to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Halifax:

  • Save substantial processing time handling claims
  • Automating and professionalizing your warranty process
  • Simple and user-friendly workflow
  • The high degree of transparency providing real-time insight and overview for all stakeholders
  • Improve the communication with your sales- and service partners
  • More validation of your claims
  • Positive brand equity
  • Minimize manual input resulting in fewer errors and more accurate claim data
  • Data-analysis and reporting for generating important management information (KPI’s)

Who Needs Halifax?

This product is for machine manufacturers of relatively complex mechanical and electrical engineering with a widespread network of dealers and their customers. Halifax is tightly integrated into an existing ERP back-office system, so all necessary details to complete a claim are readily available in the portal.

Accurate and real-time insight for all stakeholders
Simplify and reduce time to complete claims
One central repository for all claim related information
Customer experience
Ease of use, expedience and transparency create positive experience

Highly recommended by manufacturers and dealers worldwide

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