Customer stories

Learn more from our customer stories: their motivation to implement Halifax and the company results achieved by using the system.

We have clients from several industries like agriculture, automotive, and welding.
Our goal is to understand your business process in detail to provide you a custom solution with maximum results. For several customers, we delivered a tailor-made system.

One of the top performing Dutch manufacturing companies decides to implement Halifax

Stertil BV is the international market leader in heavy-duty vehicle lifting systems and high quality solutions for loading docks.


With Halifax Reisch starts the optimization of after sales services

Reisch has recently started their journey of digital transformation. The new appointed After Sales Manager Patrick Bablick created a clear vision for his service department.


FIRSTGREEN Industries selects Halifax as their new service portal

Due to a rapid growth of their production and dealer network, Firstgreen needed a simple system for technical support and warranty.


Italian manufacturer of agricultural equipment adopts Halifax as new service solution

Alpego's philosophy is based on product improvement and constant innovation. One of their main goals is to strive for service excellence.


Rapid Technic automates warranty process with Halifax

Rapid decided to implement Halifax because the system was an exact fit for their warranty process. To support a fully automated workflow, Rapid decided for an integrated implementation with SAP.


Egholm chose Halifax as their new warranty platform

Egholm needed to replace their claim system. Halifax has many of the features they had identified as necessary, so it was an easy decision to go with Halifax.


Kemper about the benefits of using Halifax

Previously, Kemper had a manual warranty process. Claims were received via emails and phone calls. With Halifax, they finally found an optimized solution for the warranty process.


Leading manufacturer of welding equipment choose Halifax as their new warranty portal

Lorch Schweißtechnik is a global brand and German manufacturer of welding equipment. Producing innovative solutions, Lorch recently introduced new robot technology for automated welding as a first step toward Industry 4.0.


Why Halifax has been a good investment for Trioliet

At some point, Trioliet decided to optimize its warranty process. Halifax has been a great investment since Trioliet has saved 75% of their processing times on warranty claims.


The Halifax system connects SIP directly with all their business partners.

Halifax enables SIP to monitor their machines even more analytically throughout history, directly assisting SIP with improvements on the machines.


Halifax is a very efficient solution for AVR and its dealers

The current way of handling warranty claims was no longer sustainable for AVR. In addition to producing more machines every year, they also need to support more dealers due to entering new markets.


Reesink Production love to keep things simple

Reesink Production love to keep things simple. With the Halifax portal, they expect to waste less time on administration and communication about warranty claims.


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