Halifax warranty portal

As a John Deere Preferred Supplier, Data Access Europe developed the Halifax warranty portal for mid-sized machine manufacturers with widespread sales, dealers, and service networks.

Customer Satisfaction

Halifax is a powerful solution to enhance your customer experience. Provide better service by making your warranty process more professional, transparent and strive for instant gratification. Relevant criteria are when a customer asks for help, that the process is smooth, efficient, and easy as can be; automatically leading to customer satisfaction.


Best Practice Process

Halifax is a web portal application accessible to all stakeholders that are part of your warranty workflow.

The system covers multiple user roles:

1. Dealer (creating claims)
2. Back Office (handling claims)
3. Goods Receipt (handling the logistics process)
4. Approver (reviewing claims that exceed the back-office limit)
5. Administrator (setting up the system)

Halifax enforces the application of best practice workflow. The system shortens your process cycles so that you can spend your time and resources more efficiently.

Several mechanisms increase productivity. The seamless integration with your ERP system helps to enter claims much quicker because all the necessary details to complete a claim are readily available. It saves time for your customer.

The automatic exchange of data results in less administrative time and errors because of the reuse of existing information.

Furthermore, the system logs all involved steps in the process, accurately monitoring the costs versus rewarding claims. It creates a fair balance between claims that should not be rewarded at all and those that should be compensated. This improves your accountability and reduces costs.

Halifax helps to implement and maintain a consistent flow, and it supports all stakeholders to keep track of things. No claim can escape attention because all involved parties are kept up to date via this central facility. Email notifications, reminders and smart widgets do the trick.

View our infographic to get more insight into the workflow that Halifax supports.



For using our standard software, there is the option of a perpetual license or a monthly subscription model. We also offer additional consultancy services, such as hosting or customization. Click on the button below to request our pricing model.

Pricing components

Basic functionality
Managed Hosting
Updates and maintenance services
Unlimited number of users

Implementation in 1 month

With Halifax, we would like to keep things as simple as possible. Based on standard functionality, this system is up and running in just one month. See the implementation of Halifax in three steps:


Use Halifax on-premise or as a hosted solution. We make sure the application is tested on forehand.


We use a simple technique for integrating with your ERP system and providing you with the technical specifications for the data exchange to organize the necessary data collection.


We provide a workshop to instruct all your employees about the different features and give you practical advice how to rollout this system to your dealer network.

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