About Egholm A/S

Egholm is a Danish manufacturer of utility equipment. Owned by Nilfisk for several years, Egholm is currently operating indepenently with a clear vision to become a European market leader.

Egholm chose to use Halifax as their new warranty platform

It was time for Egholm to renew its claim system. Egholm needed a plug-and-play system with minimum maintenance. Halifax has many of the functions they had imagined for their next claim system. It was an easy decision to go with Halifax.

Egholm expects to optimize their handling time and, with the intuitive interface, include more people in the claim handling process.

They are looking forward to seeing the effect of their new system and the benefits from the statistics that their data will give them. The process from start to implementation has been great, and Data Access has delivered what was agreed on.


More Clients

FIRSTGREEN Industries selects Halifax as their new service portal

Due to a rapid growth of their production and dealer network, Firstgreen needed a simple system for technical support and warranty.


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